When browsing homes for sale, it’s no secret that stellar photography can play a huge part in catching a buyer’s eye, creating a vivid first impression, and showcasing all the best attributes of a home. In an era where potential buyers browse listings online before deciding to physically visit a property, the significance of stunning visual representation cannot be overstated. One key element in presenting your home in the best light possible is investing in professional photography.

Here at EVES, every single property listed with us is represented with professional photos. This ensures your home reaches its maximum potential in the market, creating the best impression with potential buyers. This article provides actionable tips on how to ensure your home shines in every shot.

1. Declutter and depersonalise

The most important task is to clear and declutter the communal spaces. This is one of the common downfalls of stunning photos. The aim of the photos is not only to showcase the layout of a room, but to evoke emotion, highlight features, and create a compelling narrative of a home that allows buyers to visualise themselves and their possessions in a space. This is difficult to accomplish if the primary focus of the photos is personal belongings or excessive decorations, which can also detract from the positive features of a room. Below are some of the key tasks to complete, to ensure areas are as tidy and minimalist as possible:

  • Clear away dishes from benches and sinks
  • Remove magnets from the fridge
  • Get rid of stacks of mail, newspapers and magazines
  • Hide cleaning products, sponges and tea towels
  • Hide rubbish bins and pet food bowls
  • Clear countertops and tables of decorations, personal effects and excessive appliances
  • Put away remote controls
  • Hide electrical cables
  • Turn off computer screens
  • Remove toiletries and products from vanities and dressing tables
  • Put away clothes and shoes

2. Do a deep clean

Before having your professional photos taken, make sure all rooms undergo a deep clean. Not only is this appealing for in-person inspections, but it helps your home photograph well. Beyond vacuuming and dusting, consider having your carpet cleaned (if necessary) and ensure all surfaces such as glass shower doors, wooden tables, lino floors or tiles are gleaming.

3. Consider professional staging 

The process of staging your homes involves having an expert stylist assess the interior of the property and ‘stage’ it with suitable furnishings. The purpose of this is to highlight the best aspects of a property, enhance its attractiveness and elevate its potential. This will enable the professional photography to capture the absolute best representation of your home and ensure it stands out online. You can find out more about the process and benefits of staging at https://www.eves.co.nz/home-staging.

4. Maximise natural light

Natural light can significantly enhance the appeal of your home in photographs. Before the photoshoot, ensure that curtains and blinds are open to let in as much natural light as possible. If your property has unique architectural features like large windows or skylights, make sure these are clean and unobstructed so they can be showcased in the photographs.

5. Pay attention to street appeal

The exterior of your home sets the stage for what potential buyers can expect inside. Enhance your street appeal by trimming bushes, mowing the lawn, and ensuring the path to the front door is free from clutter. A well-maintained exterior not only adds value to your property but also makes for striking photos that entice viewers to explore further. To really maximise the effectiveness of the external photos, consider investing in twilight photography. Twilight photos showcase the differing hues of the sky in contrast to the warm interior and exterior lights of a home, adding atmosphere to your marketing.

6. Address minor repairs and touch ups

Inspect your home for any minor repairs or cosmetic touch-ups that may be needed. This includes missing handles on cupboards or doors, peeling wallpaper or chipped paint. If it’s an easy fix, it’s worth resolving these small cosmetic issues. Small details matter, and a well-maintained home signals to potential buyers that the property has been cared for, instilling confidence in their decision making process.

Preparing your home properly for professional photography is key to maximising the effectiveness of the photos. This preparation will pay off in the long run, when it comes to standing out in the competitive real estate portals online. By decluttering, cleaning, staging, and addressing minor repairs, you set the stage for stunning photographs that capture the essence of your property. Remember, the goal is to create a welcoming and visually appealing environment that allows potential buyers to see the full potential of their future home.

Our EVES salespeople are more than happy to talk you through the process and provide guidance around the best ways to ensure your home is well presented for professional photos. Talk to us today!