Homes that feature swimming pools have always been in hot demand, but there has been an absolute surge in popularity for residential properties with pools in recent years. There are around 40,000 swimming pools on residential property in New Zealand, and with the impacts of the pandemic forcing many kiwis to spend more time at home, there is a lot more importance being placed on enjoying your home environment and creating a lifestyle around this. What better way to make your home the ultimate sanctuary than by having your own pool?

The monthly market insights posted by have found that the word ‘pool’ has featured consistently in the top three keywords searched online in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato over the past couple of years, with the results spanning both residential and rural property searches across various suburbs. Over the lockdown in 2021, an article posted by Stuff showed that ‘beach’ and ‘waterfront ranked highest in keyword searches, followed by ‘pool,’ solidifying the idea that life at home is fueling the desire for close proximity to a body of water, whether it be a local beach or in your own backyard.

Pool law in NZ

Most of the restrictions for swimming pools in New Zealand focus on safe fencing. Pool fencing must be a minimum of 1200mm high, with no climbable objects against the fencing, in addition to self-closing gates. Mandatory inspections of residential swimming pools must also be carried out every three years by a qualified pool inspector. If you’re unsure of what restrictions apply to your swimming pool, check out or ask the local council. If you’re looking at purchasing a home with a pool, it’s important to familiarise yourself with pool safety law.

Do your research

When viewing properties with pools, it’s important to check with your salesperson if the pool fencing has building consent. In addition to this, find out when the pool was last inspected, and who the current owners contact for sourcing parts and filters. Residential swimming pools in New Zealand typically fall under one of three categories – fiberglass, concrete or vinyl lined. They can also be fresh water or salt water, and the care and cost of maintaining the pool varies depending on these factors.

Most swimming pools have a pump and pool filter, and some include a cover. Find out what is included in the sale of the home, as you will need to review the condition of all fixtures and chattels at the pre-settlement inspection.

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