Achieving the best possible price for the sale of your home comes down to a combination of factors. Choosing the right agency and salesperson, presenting your property well and using effective marketing alongside the appropriate method of sale all contribute to achieving a premium price.

The first and most important factor is selecting the right agency to market your property. Not all real estate companies are equal, and few have the collective capabilities of EVES. EVES have been at the forefront of New Zealand real estate for over 50 years and our people are committed to excellence and determined to get the best results. We are passionate about harnessing marketing to achieve the best outcome for our clients, all while striving to make your real estate experience as smooth as possible.

First impressions count, and you shouldn’t expect prospective purchasers to look beyond a shabby presentation and visualise what a property has to offer. A strong first impression can help buyers to feel emotionally invested in a potential home, which in turn gives them the confidence to leave it all on the field when making an offer.

The presentation of your home or investment property is a key factor in obtaining the best price. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make major cosmetic changes, but at the very least present your property’s current state in the best possible light. The interior of the property should be clean and tidy. Reducing clutter and de-personalising the space as much as you can will also help buyers be able to picture themselves in the home. Outside, lawns should be mown and grounds tidy, with no junk or debris lying around. The exterior walls, roof and gutters should be cleaned of any visible mildew before professional photos are taken, and clean windows are a nice touch too.

Effective marketing is the most valuable tool in the real estate toolbelt. At EVES, we pride ourselves on our marketing campaigns, which can be tailored to include a proven mix of print, digital and social channels. We can cover all the bases and optimise the exposure of your property. Effective marketing isn’t always about targeting all buyers, but more about targeting the right buyers, bringing people and property together.

The method of sale for your property can determine not only the length of time its marketed for and the level of competition it attracts, but also the chances of it achieving a premium price. In today’s market, there is a shortage of stock across all regions with buyer demand far outweighing the supply of properties on the market. As such, auction campaigns are a fantastic method of sale to consider. A four week auction campaign will intensively showcase your property whilst encouraging buyer competition. Buyer competition is ultimately what enables you to achieve the best price on auction day. Your real estate salesperson will be able to talk you through the benefits of the various pricing methods and will make a recommendation of what is most suitable for your property and your personal circumstances.

Spring is a fantastic time to bring your home to the market and brings with it a strong sense of a fresh start along with the excitement of summer approaching. In addition to this, there are many buyers who start shopping around this time of year in the hopes of being able to move into a new home (or make use of a new holiday bach!) by the time Christmas rolls around. If you are considering selling, get in touch with our team today for a no-obligation appraisal. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.