High levels of investors and new residents from outside our region continue to be a major driver of property market activity.

We are now seeing a second wave of interest as the circle of friends and family of those who have relocated here over the past year or so also make the decision to move to our part of New Zealand.

A new appreciation of the lifestyle, career opportunities and value for money is driving ongoing real estate enquiry.

Extended families of some who have relocated to the Bay recently are now also wanting to see what is on offer in a region which provides something for all age groups.

The April, May, June quarter results for our EVES auctions have reflected this activity upswing.

During that period our auction success rate of properties sold prior to auction, at auction or afterwards within the listing agency period was a record total of 93% SOLD.

Given the volume of auction properties we have dealt with, that is a huge number of satisfied sellers and buyers who have been able to purchase what they have been looking so hard to find.

If you want to join them, contact EVES now, more people selling more property.

Ross Stanway