At EVES, we are passionate about harnessing the power of marketing to achieve the best possible outcome. We go further to find the right buyer for your property, not just the first buyer.


We take pride in our ability to factor in the many variables of selling a property; we know each property, vendor and purchase is unique. By reaching more people we can create more competition and greatly increase the chances of getting a better price for you.


Leading into summer has always been a great time for buying and selling property in the Bay. As the weather warms we always see a lift in the market, as people begin to think about a move to a new home to take advantage of summer in our beautiful region.


To help you make the most of this lift in the market, we have designed an exceptional marketing campaign so that your property can get the best and most exposure possible. We’ve created a multi-channel campaign that can profile your property to a wide audience with the ability to easily add-on and upsize your campaign to increase your presence in the market. And when you list with EVES, it’s free.


Give your favourite EVES agent a call today to find out more.