Some of the biggest percentage volume and price increases are occurring in suburbs and localities which previously had lower average prices and lower demand than other ‘sought after’ areas.

Gate Pa, Parkvale, Welcome Bay, Arataki for example are now attracting keen buyer interest based on excellent value for money. First home buyers and investors alike see the potential in these areas to purchase solid homes in affordable price ranges. Over time, whole streets and neighbourhoods can progressively undergo transformation in this way and then new price levels and new communities evolve.

More even demand patterns are now establishing across many suburbs, rather than the previous highs and lows of traditional demand, based on preconceived ideas about specific suburbs.

EVES are dealing with buyers focused on looking at where the best value for their money is, combined with the potential to add further value through improvements.

Those thinking of selling, wherever their property is located, should talk with EVES. This will provide accurate up to date market information relating to exactly what is happening in their neighbourhood and how to achieve the best selling price.

Talk to EVES, with more people selling more property.

Ross Stanway