As part of our commitment to positioning EVES as the brand of choice in real estate, we are thrilled to announce the redefinition of our core values. This initiative underscores our dedication to what truly matters to us as an organisation, enhancing our identity and positively impacting our clients and customers.

Our new values were crafted after thoughtful discussions with both management and our broader sales teams. These principles will serve as a compass, guiding our decisions and actions, and inspiring us to maintain a culture of excellence and integrity.

We will be integrating these values into every aspect of our business, ensuring that our clients experience the highest level of service and satisfaction. These values will be visible in our interactions, our communications, and the ways we collaborate to achieve our goals. Every member of our team plays a crucial role in bringing these values to life, and we encourage everyone to reflect on what they mean personally and professionally, and to apply them in daily interactions and decision-making processes.


Introducing Our New Company Values:

We are a team

We believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration to achieve success. We work together to create a culture of inclusion, support personal and professional growth, and care for our people in tough times. We embrace diversity, value every role equally, and together, we create a safe, supportive, and positive environment for all to thrive. 

"We work together and collaborate together to win together."

 We act with honesty and integrity

We believe in doing what is right. This means speaking with truthfulness and sincerity, acting with honesty and fairness, and behaving professionally and honourably. Respect guides the way we operate and communicate at all levels – with customers, suppliers, the community, and our own team. We fulfil our promises and hold ourselves and each other accountable.

"We are reliable, respectful, and ethical in all that we do."

 We are driven by passion

Passionate about real estate and results-driven, we thrive on exceeding the expectations of our customers and delight in delivering wonderful experiences. We value feedback and foster lasting relationships based on understanding and care. With unwavering enthusiasm, we approach every task with energy, embrace challenges and deliver our very best in all that we do.

"We find joy in our work and excel at our craft."

 We are firmly grounded in community

We are a community of co-workers, customers and people in our neighbourhoods, towns, and cities. Here, we find support and support others. We care about our communities and the environment, we are committed to giving back, contributing positively, and helping to improve our communities, creating a healthy future for the next generation.

"We care and are responsible for the space and people around us."


Looking Ahead

This is just the beginning. In the coming weeks and months, we will delve deeper into each of these values and embed them into our company culture. We are excited to see the positive changes these values will inspire and the enhanced experiences they will bring to our clients.

Thank you for your ongoing support and for being a part of the EVES family. Together, we are dedicated to achieving shared success and making EVES your premier choice in real estate.