There are school communities, the communities that we live in and the groups that we are part of.  

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." Our EVES Realty team has a real sense of community and we absolutely believe in doing what we can to enhance our patch.  

Our EVES auctioneers enjoy charity auctions – nights where the community comes together to organise the night and sell tickets. The business community provides vouchers and services to be auctioned and willing bidders wave enthusiastically to ‘win’ that unique experiences on offer. 

Without a doubt ‘the bigger the event; the bigger the prize’ but there are many other ways to help organisations and enjoy a sense of community. A few hours a month can help keep the gardens nice at the local Hospice, a few extra items in the grocery trolley will make a world of difference to the Foodbank. Tidy, clean and fresh kids clothes are so welcome at the Women’s Refuge homes. 

It is well documented that sport and fresh air are wonderful for our mental and physical health – many of our team play golf, cricket, tennis and other sports; each with their own sense of community. Coaching or managing school sports teams is a fun way to engage with other parents and like-minded humans; it takes a bit of courage to put your hand up but usually when someone steps forward the ‘community’ of other parents will also offer to assist.