At the time of writing this, it looks like the amazing firefighters have finally got the fires in the Tasman area under control. The brave men and women have fought for days and nights on end. The evacuation of homes close to the fires has meant our defence force is also involved. They’ve taken an all-out, all hands on deck approach which hopefully means the fires will stay under control. 

It must be heart breaking watching everything you have ever worked for, and no doubt still owe money for, put at risk. The absolute grief on the faces of those who have lost their homes, their personal possessions and their memories makes me value and appreciate my own home and my belongings all the more.

Your home is your castle. It’s a special place and important to you and your family. It is, in most cases, your largest investment. At EVES we know all these things. That’s why we treat every sales transaction with professionalism, care and concern. 

If you are thinking of selling, let us help you with the process. We get it!

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