The real estate market in New Zealand is under pressure, with buyer demand far exceeding supply across many regions.

The inflated market and rising sale prices are pushing many homeowners to consider selling, with some weighing up whether to attempt to sell their property themselves, or through a real estate agent.

There are many factors to take into consideration here such as sale price, the labour and legal implications involved, and also access to marketing products and prices that may only be available when selling through a real estate agent.

Below we outline 3 of the key points of difference when selling through your local EVES branch.

1. Which Method Will Sell Your Home At A Higher Price?

EVES salespeople are skilled negotiators - they know the area, the property market, and can maximise buyer interest and competition to achieve a premium price for your property.

If you’re thinking of selling your home privately, it’s important to consider that although you wouldn’t be paying a commission, you risk losing a significant amount on the price you obtain for the sale of your home.

Negotiation is key and it can be challenging to negotiate face to face with a potential buyer when selling your own property.

According to an article on the financial value of a competent agent can equate to tens of thousands more in sale price and outstrip any commission you were trying to save. [Source]

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) conducted a comparison analysis in 2020 and found that on average homeowners achieved 15% more when selling through a real estate agent than those who sold privately. [Source]

There is a professional process in place for real estate salespeople to follow when it comes to selling your property.

This includes advising you on an appropriate method of sale, coordinating a marketing campaign, hosting inspections, assisting buyer enquiries, and being both mediator and negotiator which enables you to achieve the best result.

Certain methods of sale encourage more buyer competition, such as auctions – a transparent and very competitive method of sale that has proven highly successful in today’s market.

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2. Which Method Is Safer From A Legal Perspective?

There is a lot of admin involved in not only hosting inspections, but also fielding enquiries and providing accurate information to buyers.

Whether you sell a property yourself or through a trusted agency, its important to always provide potential purchasers with complete and accurate information pertaining to the home and ensure that nothing is omitted or misrepresented.

If you are selling privately, misrepresenting your property (even unknowingly!) may have significant consequences, as any information you provide to buyers is your responsibility.

There is a host of legal documentation involved in the transaction, from anti-money laundering forms and compliance to sale and purchase agreements with the inclusion of clauses, conditions and chattels, all of which can be managed and communicated by a real estate salesperson.

They can also assist both vendors and buyers by liaising with lawyers, builders, valuers and other professionals engaged by either party during the sale process.

Real estate salespeople are licensed professionals, meaning they must comply with the requirements and standards of Professional Conduct and Client Care as outlined in the Real Estate Agents Act 2008.

You can take comfort and confidence in dealing with a professional through the sale of your biggest asset, where your best interests are protected and backed by the Real Estate Authority, should anything go wrong.

3. Which Method Has More Marketing Benefits?

Working with an EVES salesperson means that you will have access to our proven marketing campaigns that combine digital and print media, to target buyers specific to your property.

At EVES we have access to print publications and websites at rates that are not always available to the public.

Further to this, our salespeople have their own internal databases of contacts and buyers which further enables them to fast track the process of matching the perfect buyer with your property.

Marketing is a strategic process and is instrumental in achieving the best price.

Engaging the services of an EVES salesperson to sell your property will alleviate the stress and labour involved in the property transaction and give you confidence that you are achieving the best price for your property in the current market.

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