It is always a proud moment for us when presenting a cheque to Liam Brett-Kelly and the TECT Rescue Helicopter team. The fantastic work Liam and his team does is quite overwhelming.  

The rescue helicopter can literally be airborne in 10 minutes, with a crew of three on board including a trauma trained medic.  The situations these people attend are often in isolated areas or a distance from the nearest hospital. Time is absolutely of the essence to get the patient Into care to increase the chances of survival and recovery. The sooner treatment begins, the higher the chance of survival.

The White Island eruption this week was a prime example where these guys end up, assisting those people badly burnt, seriously injured and often unable to help themselves.

Our EVES team members, from management through to admin and salespeople respect the work this committed group of people do and contribute to this worthy cause. The company matches whatever is contributed dollar for dollar. It is a long standing commitment we have made to assist our community, to bring people home safely and it is probably typical of how we feel as a company to giving back and paying things forward.

Have a fantastic weekend and please, stay safe.