The median sale price for Tauranga was $574,000 by comparison to $560,000 for the previous year. For the same month, in the Mount/Papamoa was $665,000 compared with $671,000 the previous year. Year on year, then no real swing up or down in terms of price.


The number of sales in Tauranga was 141 by comparison to 137 in the previous August. Mount/Papamoa was 96 by comparison to 104 last year. So, no real change in volume either.


The median number of days to sell appears to be holding with Tauranga at 43 days by comparison to 42 last year. The same trend can be seen at the Mount and Papamoa with 46 days and last August at 43.


However, what is significant is that from August 2015 to now the median number of days to sell is getting longer which means sellers have to pay particular attention to their marketing campaign and method of sale if time is a pressure for them.


The total number of properties on the market in Tauranga is like September last year. The Mount/Papamoa it is somewhat lower making this a great time for sellers in both areas to capitalise on the opportunity.


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