The latest property market statistics for our region highlight several important factors which anyone thinking of selling should take into account.

There is a shortage of property available for sale and this, combined with ongoing buyer enthusiasm from existing residents plus people moving to the region, continues to move prices upward. The days on market for properties that are well marketed is shorter than it has been for years.

Mortgage interest rates remain at low levels with banks competing strongly for lending business. The auction method of marketing in this situation is bringing results for sellers that often exceeds their expectations.

The inevitable question of “what is a property is worth?” only established in today’s market by auction when open competition between buyers is created.

EVES renowned rates of auction success for sellers, combined with leading edge marketing programmes and our large, experienced, dedicated sales team throughout the region is a major factor in so many sellers choosing EVES. Now is a good time to sell. 

Call any of our local EVES offices now if you are thinking of selling and find out for yourself why EVES has more people selling more property.

Ross Stanway