During a recent Next Gen session, Matt Henderson, a celebrated athlete, and fitness expert, delivered powerful strategies for enhancing health, wellness, and personal growth. Going beyond his cricket accomplishments, Matt shared practical tips for a well-rounded lifestyle.

Highlights of Matt's Presentation:

Resilience: Emphasize bouncing back quickly after setbacks, targeting at least 50% compliance to maintain momentum.
Hydration First: Start the day with 750ml of water with lime or lemon to hydrate before caffeine.
Simple Nutrition: Double your vegetable intake to reduce hunger and add carbs strategically after workouts and in evening meals.
Protein Prioritisation: Aim to consume 40-50% of your daily protein intake by noon to effectively meet health goals.
Discipline vs. Motivation: Matt argued that while discipline can be useful, motivation is essential for sustained change, he talked about three pillars to transform this idea into action;
• Autonomy: Recognising you are the architect of your own life story.
• Improvement: Committing to continual personal growth.
• Belonging: The strength of community and shared experiences.

He encouraged attendees to reflect deeply on their objectives in regards to their health and the reasons behind them, drawing on the disciplined approach of an Olympic cycle.

The session was an inspirational call to rethink our approach to health, wellbeing, and motivation, equipping attendees with the mindset to "reset their systems" for better health and greater fulfilment and overall performance.