The days are certainly getting colder and we know that these will continue for some time yet, however, it does not seem to have deterred active buyers in the market place still out looking at and purchasing property. The market is still strong!  

Winter is a great time to buy. It can reveal many things about homes that buyers typically would not see due to the forgiving spring and summer months. Cold weather, moisture and wind will test the ability of the home to insulate and for warmth, something you want to know about if you are going to buy and something you need to remember if you are selling. Visiting a home during a rainy period can uncover issues around drainage on sections as well. Winter also tests the amount of natural light a property is receiving.

Remember, if you are selling, a warm home is exceptionally appealing on a cold winter’s day and buyers will feel instantly comfortable out of the cold. Make your home light and bright and welcoming.

Speak to any of our salespeople about how you can get your property sold and in to a new home before summer comes.

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