More properties are now coming up for sale and our EVES auction campaigns are increasing in popularity for very good reason.

It is well understood that buyers compete for any given property. What is often overlooked by sellers is that they too compete for buyer interest with many other sellers. Buyers now have a wider choice of properties to choose from, in any given locality and in any given price range. 

A key step to maximise genuine buyer interest, especially for property in the first home buyer market, is for sellers to provide useful basic information to buyers. This will capture interest from significantly increased numbers of first home buyers.

A property title, L.I.M report, builder’s report from a reputable building inspector and even a current valuation if provided by the seller can help increased numbers of first home buyers become ‘purchase ready’ before the day of auction. Sellers who provide this are placing their property in a very competitive and advantageous position compared to those properties where it is the buyers who are left to gather this important information. 

Talk to EVES about how this information package can open up more buyer interest in your property. 

Ross Stanway