Recently released data sheds more positive light on the economic prosperity of our region. Infometrics data, provided by Priority One, paints a great picture with activity increasing across a broad range of spending and investment indicators.


GDP, a measure of goods produced and services provided, in Tauranga City sits above the NZ increase, at 3.7%. Our housing consents, up 7.7%, outstripped the national increase for the 12 months to June which equates to some 433 new homes. The data further emphasised the importance of primary production to the region; as an example the value of kiwifruit exports increased to $1.7billion.


All this plus an unemployment rate below the national average and tourism numbers climbing by 5%, we really are a fortunate group to live in this region which offers so much.


At EVES we get this and after almost 40 years history in the Bay of Plenty we still continue to be part of our community by supporting locals whether it be on the sports fields, local schools, community clubs and theatre, the rescue helicopter or the arts it’s more than likely you will meet an EVES person there helping out.


Have a chat to your EVES agent about our involvement. You will be surprised what we do.


EVES, more people selling more property.