Ready To Sell Your Property? We Have Helped Thousands of Home Owners Like You

Why sell with EVES?

At EVES we understand that you are selling a substantial asset and we feel the responsibility that goes with the privilege of becoming your chosen real estate professional.

At EVES we have helped thousands of home owners like you to sell property. We have achieved incredible results through focusing on the home owners objectives.

Now it is your turn and you can feel confident our emphasis will be on getting the best possible price for your property. Our approach will be tailored specifically to your property to facilitate the best possible result for you.

The Selling Process:

Choose the right agent: 

You need to feel confident that your agent has the ability, experience and support to achieve maximum value for your property. Thorough and continuing training ensures our salespeople and auctioneers have honed their skills to make your property stand out in the market.

Choosing the right real estate salesperson may mean you save you thousands of dollars.

Experience, local knowledge and a proven record of success are important when choosing your salesperson. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your real estate salesperson before you appoint them to sell your property. It is your salespersons job to listen to your requirements, create a marketing plan to achieve your goals and implement that plan to ensure a successful sale in the time frame that suits your needs.

As a vendor you will have certain needs when your property goes on the market. We take time to ensure we understand your needs. This understanding will make us true partners in the sale process.

Prepare Your Home For Sale: 

Take a look at our “Useful Tips for Selling Your Home” list.  Get good advice on what works and what buyers are looking for in a home like yours.  Touch the trigger points of those buyers through careful presentation.  Your real estate salesperson is there to advise and assist you to maximise the value of your home.  Just ask them!

Decide on the Method of Sale: 

Again your salesperson will be able to advise what method of sale is working in the market right now.  The choice is ultimately yours to make but there is no doubt that some methods of sale produce faster results than others.  Again – just ask!

Now sit back and relax.

Let the salesperson do the job on your behalf.  Keep the lines of communication wide open and enjoy the process.  Remember, we are always available to assist and answer any questions you may have.


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