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Reliable, honest, punctual, committed and dedicated to achieving the best results for you – Buying, Selling or Investing.
Scott comes from a highly successful business background of over 20 years in the Sound & Lighting Industry based out of the Waikato. Touring all of NZ with the country’s biggest acts and international artists, he completely understands what it means to deliver what you promise, go the extra mile and set the bar high. Scott is described as efficient, dedicated and focused, offering a fresh and exciting approach to the Hamilton Real Estate Market.

Coming from a service back ground in business, Scott knows exactly what it means/takes to provide a high standard of service for his clients. Going the extra mile just happens without thought. Delivering exceptional results and exceeding all expectations while providing a calm and friendly environment while doing so.

Scott believes his strong discipline and ability to focus on tasks for long periods of time, his never give up mentality and sheer determination to succeed comes from many years of martial arts training. His ability to work hard and smart, keeping focused on the end goal, discipline and simply seeing things through to the end is testament to this.

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