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Sean is a seasoned professional in the real estate industry with over 20 years of experience. As a key figure at EVES Real Estate, Sean plays a crucial role in promoting ongoing growth, sales success, and profitability for EVES Waikato. His expertise extends to overseeing essential operations and ensuring the franchise's overall success.

With a keen eye for business development, Sean is responsible for the strategic management of franchise development and operations. He has a focus for identifying and sourcing prospective new franchisees, fostering lasting relationships, and providing unwavering support to ensure their success. Sean is deeply committed to maintaining the integrity and reputation of the esteemed EVES brand.

As the first point of contact for EVES franchise development and growth, Sean's strategic planning capabilities have been instrumental in boosting the market share of EVES in the Waikato region. He possesses an exceptional talent for recruiting quality salespeople and creating effective business units that drive outstanding results.

As the EVES Waikato General Manager and EVES Franchisor, Sean Foster's unwavering dedication to the real estate industry and his exceptional leadership has positioned him as a driving force behind EVES Real Estate's continued success and expansion.



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