Answer:  When it is Level 2 plus. It really is great to be back in business on a slightly different basis that includes mask wearing, social distancing and limited numbers at various venues. In the real estate world the changes from last time mean more mask wearing in public. At open homes there will be QR codes and it is compulsory to use them for tracing. There will be social distancing and there will be strict rules around our auction room, who can be in there at any given time and when. Again, mask wearing is compulsory.

This is likely to be the norm for a long time as I see it.  We need to get our heads around it and operate as per the rules and hope the people we deal with respect that to be the case. It is in the interests of all of us and we are lucky with the results thus far.

Stay safe, stay compassionate and look after those around you. 

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