During the buying process your real estate salesperson is a great person to talk to about making sure you are using the people most likely to help you on your home owning journey.  

An article in New Zealand Herald this week talked about using mortgage brokers to assist you through the process of financing your purchase. I personally have used Brokers not just for mortgages but for insurance as well. The Broker makes it their job to do the hard yards for you, coming up with the most suitable arrangement to fit your situation.  It is not a one size fits all situation and you don’t want it treated like that. Your purchase is a big deal so make sure you talk to your salesperson about getting the best people working for you throughout the whole transaction.  

And of course choosing the best salespeople to assist you in selling is also critical. Let us talk to you about a bespoke marketing programme to make sure you get maximum dollar for what is generally your biggest asset.