Selling a home is not just about putting a sign outside, running a few open homes and having people make offers. Selling a property is about a strategic approach to marketing that property, all its features and benefits, to the best possible buyers in the market. It requires a comprehensive plan including who the likely buyers are and where they might be looking for a property e.g. are they online shopping, looking in print media or are they cruising the neighbourhood? Are they national or international buyers or is the buyer for your home actually not even looking for a property yet, but when they see the marketing on it, they are tempted to make a move.  

We take all these things into consideration to come up with a bespoke marketing strategy for your property – not the same old plan that the property round the corner had, but one that is specific to you. 

What is the benefit? Well, that marketing will give us more qualified buyers and therefore more likelihood of selling in a shorter timeframe for a premium price, if there is one in the marketplace at that time. That is one of the many reasons people choose EVES to sell through. At EVES, your property is our priority!