We are now on Alert Level 4 for COVID-19 in New Zealand. It happened quickly, leaving many of us looking back and wondering how we got here, questioning decisions made and being scared about the impact of this pandemic on our families, our colleagues, our clients and our friends. But we are Kiwi’s. We are known for pulling together in tough times, of looking after and being kind to each other, and that has to happen right now.

Four weeks minimum in isolation will be testing on many. But it is critical to curb this viral outbreak and we can do it. We all need to do it. That visit to your Mum or to your friend’s place for a sneaky wine cannot happen. Our mental health will take a hit and that is the bit you can control! Look after your physical health during this time and that in turn will look after your mental health. Take walks with those you are isolating with. Go to the beach, walk and talk. Get your rusty old bike out and bike around some of the many bikeways we have here in the Bay. Pick up the phone and talk to people, watch great movies, have fun. 

Know that we will get through this and we will come out stronger on the other side and man will we be ready to sell you a property or sell a property for you.

Be kind to each other but most importantly be kind to yourself!