We are now operating safely under the new laws which has got the market going again and we are truly thankful for that. 

We are seeing a good number of enquires for people wishing to buy, particularly if they had gone under contract before lockdown and have now sold. 

We are also seeing a number of properties coming to the market where, during the lockdown period, owners have made decisions to change their lifestyles for various reasons. Some have decided to go and live in the country, some have discovered they cannot operate from home comfortably, and have made the decision to continue to do so, thereby needing a larger home. Some have realised that unfortunately they cannot afford their mortgage due to changed circumstances, some are really not prepared to continue with a mortgage and some just want a change of scenery. No matter what the reason, we are seeing good stock coming to the market.  

If you have had a change of direction or circumstances during lock down come and talk to a local company doing great things. Come and talk to EVES today.