Over many years in the industry I have seen sellers question why their property has not sold in a short period of time, particularly in a harder market. 

There are only ever two reasons a property does not sell. One is of course the price - if a seller wants more than the market is prepared to pay then clearly the property will not sell. But the second reason is often overlooked by sellers because it may cost them money.  

The second reason a property doesn’t sell is marketing. If a buyer does not know a property is for sale then clearly they cannot enquire, visit or make an offer on it. They don’t know it’s there. So Mr or Mrs Vendor thinks that their property is too highly priced, reduce it by $10,000-$15,000 when an investment of say $500 could have put it in front of many more eyes.

As a company, we offer free marketing packages but we also look at each property individually and determine who the target market is and then make a recommendation as to how a seller can reach that target market. This is no different than retailers selling a new product or a motor company launching a new vehicle to the market. 

If you want to know more about our bespoke marketing campaigns that will get your property sold, talk to your EVES salesperson now.