Real estate people have a huge network of people they know, people who know them or people they have done business with. The old saying “it’s word of mouth” is very true in this industry and many, many properties are listed and sold because of connections people have.

When a property is listed, it is invaluable to communicate that to as wide a network as possible and the extensive databases our people build up are critical to exposing a property to the market early and attracting great momentum for the sale of that property.

At EVES we have salespeople very active in the community as well, building great networks of people and this also allows them to market directly to their contacts, again creating that momentum to get the best possible price the market has to offer.

Make sure you capitalise on the networks of our people. If you are thinking of selling let our salespeople talk to you about how they can get you sold and get you moving on with the minimum of stress.