Our awards night on Friday was at the very least different, and at the very most, fantastic! The one in 100 year circumstances that are COVID-19 had us thinking how we could best celebrate the amazing achievements of those who we are lucky enough to work with, so through technology and a bit of kiwi ingenuity we manged to celebrate the best we have, through Zoom, podcast and video link.

Acknowledging the performance of the EVES 2019/20 Salesperson of the Year Danielle Hayes from EVES Mount, this is the seventh year in a row Danielle has won this prestigious title. This is an incredible performance, heading off a host of other great salespeople in the EVES business. Nicholas Meloni from EVES The Lakes had the Greatest Number of Deals in that same calendar year as well as taking the award for the Greatest Individual Growth. Our Rookie of the Year for his first full year in real estate was Kale Kirk from EVES Gate Pa and Katy Laidlaw from EVES Papamoa was the Property Manager of the Year. There were other great people recognised and the delivery of these results were, as I said different, but it took nothing away from the incredible achievements of these professional individuals.  

Thank you to all those truly amazing people working in the EVES Realty brand and here is to another great year ahead.