If you are a first homeowner saving to buy a property, don’t give up. There are many forms of support to assist getting you into a position to do just that. Parents or grandparents are often in a nice financial position to be able to assist young people in to their first home. They don’t physically have to hand over cash. They can guarantee the loan against their own home. They can hold funds in an account, in their own names which also guarantees the loan and they can buy the property in their own names, rent it back to the kids who pay the outgoings and wait to form the deposit, at which point it gets transferred into the kids names. 

The people who know all the ways to get into a home are mortgage brokers. We are really lucky to work alongside some of the best.  If you want to know more about this talk to Clive Martin (022 123 4270) or Greg Kerr  (027 230 7991) from Lifetime to start your home ownership journey.