Brand New

This past month I have had two emails from clients who dealt with our founding father Max EVES over 50 years ago. They had purchased property and/or land, have done developments and in one case gone overseas and wanted to sell up. Because the EVES brand is still around and because they had a great experience dealing with Max or his people, all those years ago, they came back to us to do further business. We love this type of transaction. Our salespeople enjoy working for a well established brand, a brand who has transacted over the years and done the absolute best it could for people who chose to deal with us. We recently conducted an independent survey looking for where we could improve and making sure we continued to meet our customers’ needs and we were pleased with the response. Watch out for some new EVES 'brand marketing' starting this week.  It’s our way of reassuring our customers that we are still here and still looking after them.  

EVES. Exceptional. Every day.