Reports this week that real estate prices have remained strong through the Bay of Plenty reassures all property owners that investment in property in this region is a good one, and gives comfort that we can go forward and plan with some certainty for future investment if we choose. 

This news ties in well with what we are seeing here at EVES. Whilst our volume of sales has not quite returned to normal in some parts of the region, it most certainly has in other parts. In fact, in some areas of the Bay, we have exceeded our number of sales from the same time last year. And with interest rates low and the requirement for a set deposit figure all but removed, the market is fuelled to continue growth.  

Who knows if it will continue at the current level but as long as we keep moving at the pace we are in new property to the market and in sales then we will be breaking more new records in no time. 

It just affirms what we all know – the Bay of Plenty is a great place to live, work and invest!