The announcement this week that we are back to Alert Level 1 came as a very positive move to all of us involved in real estate, be that salespeople, vendors or purchasers. We have done well!

And now it is “business as usual” with the auction room returning to back to back auctions, salespeople showing properties to buyers with only vendor imposed restrictions and buyers free to view open homes at their leisure.  

For all those restrictions that were imposed on us we have continued to turn over a large volume of property at EVES. We have continued to list properties to sell, we have a stream of multiple buyers for property resulting in either multiple offers or pre-auction offers and we have continued to get premium prices for sellers. These are all great signs and against many market trends.

People have reset their lives during the imposed periods and I am sure we will all be better off for that in the long run!

Stay well and enjoy life. And if you are thinking of buying or selling real estate then please talk to us.