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Liam Waide, a dedicated professional in the realm of Real Estate, extends a warm welcome to you. Having spent five years abroad in Tokyo, Japan, Liam seamlessly integrates his unique perspective and profound understanding of the emotional aspects tied to the moving process into his day-to-day Real Estate work.

After two successful years with EVES Realty in the Bay of Plenty, Liam has returned to his hometown, Hamilton, with a focus on thriving in Real Estate, particularly in the Huntington/Rototuna area. Liam's personal journey has instilled in him a deep appreciation for the impact a home can have on one's life. This fuels his commitment to ensuring clients experience the sentiment that "there's no place like home."

Bringing enthusiasm and a modern approach to Real Estate, Liam stands out for his dedication to understanding clients' motivations and fostering genuine connections. He views the process of buying or selling a home not just as a transaction but as a journey—one that should be smooth, enjoyable, and stress-free, culminating in a great celebration!

With a phenomenal grasp of the market, Liam keeps clients informed about current market activity, prioritizing transparency. His belief is in providing relevant information from the outset to empower both Vendors and Buyers to make well-informed decisions during the selling or buying process.

If you're considering a real estate transaction and are seeking a professional who blends market acumen with a personable approach, Liam is the ideal partner for your journey. His commitment to understanding your unique needs ensures you're in capable hands from your first contact to the final celebrations.

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