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Steve Reels Them in- Four reasons he is the Fisherman to Sell your Property!

1) Patience is his strength!
When it comes to fishing, patience is the very first requirement. Quite frankly if you can’t be patient, you won’t catch fish. Selling a house and dealing with large number of people also requires patience!

2) Optimism and persistence come naturally
A good fisherman is always positive with complete optimism for the potential to catch the big one. Optimism pairs perfectly with persistence when fishing, you could fish for hours and not catch a damn thing. But a fisherman never quits. It’s my goal to get you the best deal for your house and I won’t quit until I do. I’ll also keep you positive and upbeat when you need it the most.

3) Attentiveness is a key skill
Fishing requires attention- striking at the right moment to hook the big one, watching the tides and the weather, and searching the horizon for a potential work up. Selling a house requires attention to the market, to every potential buyer, and of course to you the vendor. I promise to make sure you are always kept well-informed, feel included and consulted at every turn and know you can always get in touch with me.

4) The ability to adapt
The best fisherman know how to adapt to their surroundings, when to use a different type of bait, hook, sinker, line or lure, when to move locations and change tact. The property market is ever- changing and being able to quickly adapt is essential. I’ll move and adjust as needed to work with you to get the best result.

So, it is lucky for you that I am an excellent fisherman! I think the skills I’ve developed over my lifetime become quite the advantage for my vendors. If you’d like to chat about selling your property, want to find out it’s worth or share fishing stories and top spots, get in touch for a good ol’ yarn!



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