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What is the Next Gen Property Academy? 

Next Gen is a dynamic and innovative group of real estate professionals dedicated to shaping the future of the industry. With a mission statement that emphasizes growth, professionalism, and excellence, Next Gen is poised to redefine the standards of excellence in the world of real estate.

EVES understands the importance of supporting its team of salespeople, property managers and office staff therefore this group has been specifically designed to assist those who want to grow, develop and learn to be the best they can be. 

The mission of Next Gen - Property Academy is clear: "Next Gen is committed to fostering a collaborative team that cultivates growth, professionalism, and excellence. We aim to shape the future of EVES by developing ourselves and those around us to create lasting value for each other and the wider business."

Next Gen - Property Academy represents a paradigm shift in the real estate sector, setting a higher bar for professional standards and nurturing the EVES culture of continuous learning, mentorship, and collaboration. As the industry evolves, EVES aims to lead the way by providing its members with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to excel in their careers.

The group provides the ability for EVES to develop strong succession plans ensuring that we are supporting the team to move into their long term career pathway within EVES. Meeting every 6 weeks they will have access to motivational speakers, educational resources, workshops, and training designed to sharpen their skills but also encourage develop their belief in themselves and grow through personal development.


Recent activity

First session of 2024 

After a well deserved break over summer the Next Gen – Property Academy group met on Valentines Day to kick off 2024 with the first step of their personal development journey. The 12 month programme aims to focus on the groups members individual purpose, mindset, growth opportunities, skills to hone their business skills, and will enable them to have input into the EVES business strategy so that as a group we learn from each other. 

The session was based on understanding what you are good at and what you are passionate about to form your WHY, your overarching purpose statement and consequently your 15 year vision which presents your WHY in a tangible way. The team were shown the power of understanding not just the what or the how behind our careers but the why and how that can influence their every day decisions and assist in their career pathway or business. They then went on to workshop their way through developing their own set of statements. 


High performance workshop with Cory Sweeney

The EVES Next Gen – Property Academy were thrilled to host guest speaker Cory Sweeney, Coach of the NZ Womens Rubgy 7’s team. Cory spoke to our EVES team about the importance of Identity & Purpose, of a relentlessness to be the best, taking us through the fight to the top for his team culminating in the 2021 Olympic Gold for the Black Ferns.

Cory led the team through some tools and techniques to use on the road to high performance, ensuring we look after ourselves and family along the way, while also striving to do today what others aren’t. A huge thank you to Cory for sharing his story, our EVES family took away some great insights and are looking forward to using these concepts on their mission to be Exceptional. Every day. 

Meet our leaders 

Mark Leach, Sales Manager

Meet Mark, a dynamic leader with a passion for both real estate and sports. With a solid background in sports coaching, Mark brings a unique blend of strategic thinking, teamwork, and motivation to the realm of real estate management. As the manager of EVES Cherrywood, Mark excels in fostering a positive and inclusive office culture, believing that a supportive environment is essential for success.

With a strong emphasis on leadership, Mark is dedicated to bringing out the best in his team, leveraging his expertise in coaching to guide and inspire salespeople to reach their fullest potential. His innate ability to connect with others and his unwavering commitment to helping individuals succeed make him a respected mentor and motivator within the industry.

Driven by a genuine desire to make a difference, Mark, along with Pauline McLaren set up the EVES Next Gen Property Academy to help others achieve professional excellence while creating meaningful relationships and enriching the lives of those around them. Whether it's negotiating deals or mentoring salespeople, Mark is dedicated to empowering others to thrive and achieve their goals in both their careers and personal lives.

Pauline McLaren, People & Culture Manager 

Pauline McLaren is a seasoned People & Culture Manager with two decades of experience across various facets of human resources. With a profound understanding of what makes individuals thrive, Pauline, along with Mark, has become a driving force behind the Next Gen group in creating and developing a framework that ensures people achieve their goals.

Next Gen is a testament to her commitment to fostering a culture of growth and empowerment within the EVES team. Next Gen creates a platform for individuals to cultivate their skills, enhance their personal and professional development, and build lasting connections.

With a unique skill set in coaching and a keen insight into human behaviour, Pauline is more than an ‘HR’ professional; she is a mentor and guide who helps others unlock their full potential. Her passion for the EVES brand is contagious, as she firmly believes in the team's capabilities to reach new heights in their careers. Pauline is not just about managing people; she is about supporting them on their journey through life and career, ensuring they become the best version of themselves.

Join Pauline on the path to success at EVES, where her experience, passion, and dedication converge to create a workplace where individuals flourish.

What our members say

Applying for the Next Gen - Property Academy 


Are you interested in accelerating your personal growth, accessing cutting edge training, and networking with other professionals who are committed to excellence? The Next Gen Property Academy is an ever-evolving community, with a focus on professionals who are driven by a shared passion for excellence, innovation and continuous growth. 

We are currently taking expressions of interest for the 2024/2025 Academy intake. For more information email or