Last week I talked about the fact that often the reason for a ‘non-sale’ is not necessarily about the price but about marketing or more to the point, the lack of marketing. 

A number of sellers take up the option of speaking with expert agents from EVES who put together a personalised campaign to ensure their property is seen by 100% of the eyeballs currently looking. The result of that target marketing is phenomenal. This is demonstrated very clearly week after week in our auction rooms. 

At EVES we offer a free, generic campaign to get your property sold. But in addition to that, we also offer you the opportunity to extend that reach to cover the market, targeting local, national and international buyers.

I can demonstrate many instances where an investment of two to three thousand dollars has given a seller a return of $20,000 plus and in recent times, as much as $62,000 above what they were prepared to take for their property or more than their reserve price. 

Don’t limit your chances by just selling your property. Make sure you expose it to the widest possible market and let the market dictate the eventual sale price. Talk to your EVES marketing experts now.