EVES Realty - Real Estate and Property Management throughout Waikato and Bay of Plenty

After nearly 20 years at the forefront of mobile telecommunications in Northland, Brett made the decision to follow his passion for real estate.

Numerous loyal customers have attested to the success of Brett’s previous venture and many have continued their business relationships going forward. Brett knows a lot of people which can prove extremely beneficial to his clients when buying and selling real estate. Very much a people person, he values the relationships he creates “I love meeting people and mixing and mingling whether it’s with one of the business groups in town or on the golf course, I Love It Here.”

Brett’s wife Lyn, being an integral part of their success in their previous businesses, has decided to join Brett in his passion for Real Estate which can only enhance the future!

We strive to do things differently, and so rather than talk about us and our track record we thought you might be more interested in how we can help you.

7 ways we can help you sell your property:

People are key

While real estate is about transacting property we are always conscious that at the heart of this are the people and their emotions. It is really important to us that the process of buying and selling is as streamlined as possible. We are focussed on recognising clients’ needs and being instrumental in ensuring that these are met throughout the process.
We work hard to ensure a very high level of customer satisfaction while obtaining the very best result possible.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiating the best price is one of Brett’s core strengths and we have some great success stories that stand testament to this. With years of practice we will not give up until we are totally sure that we have obtained the optimum price. Also of importance is working through the terms and conditions that suit your personal situation.

Sales and property presentation skills

We will evaluate your home with ‘buyers goggles’ on and suggest improvements where needed to get you maximum value. We are also very skilled in the art of knowing the best way to show people though your property to enhance its positive aspects.


We are passionate about harnessing the power of marketing to achieve the best possible outcome. We go further to find the right buyer for your property not just the first buyer. We take pride in our ability to factor in the many variables of selling a property, we know each property, vendor and purchaser is unique. By reaching more people we create more competition and greatly increase chances of getting a better price for you.


We commit to getting you the very best result for your property whatever the time frame Delighted clients mean everything.

Network of potential buyers

We are both long term residents of Whangarei and are also avid networkers. This means that we have an amazing network of potential buyers to market your property directly to.


When we list a property we don’t just do the stock standard things to market your property. We identify who the key target markets are and brain storm how best to market your property to those target markets. We then develop a structured implementation plan to bring it to fruition and get your property in front of the right people in the right way.



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