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To sell your property, you need exceptional marketing



At EVES, we know that to get standout results, you need marketing that stands out. Our powerful marketing campaigns use a proven mix of print, digital, social media and direct marketing to ensure more people see your property. Our experienced salespeople work hard to find the best buyer for your property - not just the first buyer. 


EVES do things better for our clients.  Our dedication, paired with the most effective marketing tools, means you can be sure your property is in the safest hands to get you premium results.



We understand that one of the first places potential buyers go when looking for a home is online, so it’s important to make sure we’re ready to engage them in the digital space. EVES are across all property website listing portals like trademe.co.nz, realestate.co.nz, oneroof.co.nz and homes.co.nz. 


We also have a number of other exceptional digital tools to promote properties, including Google Display Network advertising, bespoke property websites, video and pre-roll advertising options. All designed to promote your property to more buyers.


Social Media

EVES Facebook Property Campaigns, one of the most effective digital tools available for marketing properties. Through our listing-integrated platform, and powered by our innovation partner ListingLogic, these campaigns will ensure maximum exposure of properties - to the right audiences. Combining unique machine learning intelligence and Facebook’s targeting to ensure our Vendors properties are put in front of more qualified and engaged buyers, all in a highly cost-effective model, and with real time reporting!



Although digital marketing is a key element, when you combine both print and digital marketing in a cohesive campaign, it boosts the effectiveness of both. Some audiences still favour reading the paper, browsing magazines or checking their letterbox for latest news. So our property magazines, flyers, window cards and DLEs ensure we are covering all potential buyer audiences.


Quality Marketing Materials

From the photography and video to the media templates and signboards, EVES ensures that our marketing tools are of the highest quality for our vendors.


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