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All About Advertise Now. Pay Later.

We understand that people are used to having a choice when it comes to paying for goods and services.

So alongside our traditional payment methods, we have developed an “advertise now, pay later” option in conjunction with Lifestyle Finance, a privately owned and operated New Zealand company that specialises in funding marketing costs.

The key feature of these loans is that there is no upfront payment, and no payments for 3 months – giving you ample time to maximise the exposure and negotiate a great sale price for your property.

To apply for a short term loan from Lifestyle Finance*, simply download and complete the application form and once complete, pass onto to your EVES sales person.


* Funding from Lifestyle Finance is subject to normal credit criteria.






Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much can I borrow?

        Lifestyle Finance funds marketing campaigns up to $15,000.

  • Does Lifestyle Finance require security?


  • What interest rate do Lifestyle Finance charge?

        2.0% per month.

  • Is there an application fee?

        Yes. Lifestyle Finance charge a $165.00 fee but nothing is paid up front - this is included in the finance.

  • Does Lifestyle Finance charge a fee if I want to pay the loan off early?

        No early settlement fee applies if the loan is repaid within 3 months. A $10 early settlement fee applies for loans paid                early from month 4 onwards. 

  • Other than the set-up fee and interest cost, are there any other fees I should be aware of?

         Yes. Lifestyle Finance charge a $1.80 monthly service fee for the term of your loan.

  • What term lengths are available?

        You can borrow for up to 15 months, with no payments in the first three months (however most loans are repaid within              90 days).

  • Will you pay the money into my bank account?

        No. Funds provided are sent directly to the EVES marketing bank account to be used solely for the marketing of your                property.